Monday, September 4, 2017

Turmeric, or Curcuma longa, is an ancient spice popular in India and Asia as far back as 2,000 BC. The spice belongs in the ginger family and has been highly prized in the culinary traditions of these cultures. Turmeric imparts a vibrant yellowish hue to curry dishes, and the spice is also used as a natural dyeing agent for cloths. In Persia, turmeric comes from the word saffron and is closely related to the spice.
Menstruation in women, to begin with, is a beautiful phenomenon. Though it is not a comfortable process to experience but the beauty of it lies in the fact that it gives the female body, its natural health and wellbeing. Our menstruating years are the ones that mark the most glorious years of life.
Having said that, menstruation might not always be a joyful affair. Women do witness irregularities and complication associated with the same.

What are irregular periods?
Regularity of menstrual cycle simply means that your periods fall at a regular interval of days. This interval might range from 20-32 days usually.
The interval varies from each female to another but if this period does not remain a constant, the condition is referred to as irregular menstruation and the underlying cause remains to be hormonal imbalance.

How is that caused, you ask?
When your periods seem to be winging it, that is most certainly due to hormonal imbalance. Now, that imbalance might be caused due to several reasons:

Stress: The monster in chief in the health department these days, stress causes the hormonal balance go off the radar.

Diet and nutrition: Irregular diet or surviving on junk might lead your hormones to behave cranky. It leads to multiple health problems, which also includes irregular menstruation.
Not getting enough or required nutrients result in irregular menstruation episodes.

Caffeine, alcohol or drugs: Going habitual on any of these leads to hormonal imbalance and it harms your body in several ways, one of which includes irregular menstruation.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome: This medical condition is excessively common these days in women, owing to bad lifestyle and dietary habits. It shoots the female reproductive system off the chart and causes menstrual and reproductive disturbances in the body. No medication or therapy has a cure for this and the only resolution lies in lifestyle management, diet and exercise.

Certain medication or therapy: Certain medicines and/or therapy for a particular disease causes hormonal imbalance. This gets corrected when the therapy is withdrawn.

Other causes:
Certain problems related to female reproductive system, miscarriage, pregnancy or childbirth related conditions are amongst some of the other causes for having irregular periods.

What can you do about your irregular periods?

Make note of your irregular pattern and visit a gynaec:
Consulting the concerned doctor and registering your exact symptoms is a crucial step in correcting your menstrual pattern.

Rectify your dietary shortcomings:
Not much importance is given to what goes in, as long as the stomach is fed in your young years, but diet does alter your health and appearance more than anything else.

Know yourself, see what nutrients are lacking in your body, include supplements whenever required and eat healthy, balanced food at regular intervals. This has a huge impact on your menstruation pattern too.

Workout in moderation:
Having a disciplined workout schedule, 3-4 days in a week, sets the body cycle right and corrects most health abnormalities in the body.

Kicking the stress off by all means:
Stress needs to be managed to have your body systems working fine. Stress management leads to your periods falling in periodically with optimum flow.

If in case, the irregularities go on the extreme scale, that is, if you see episodes of heavy bleeding once in 2-3 months or blots of blood spotted once in awhile, you should see a gynaecologist at the earliest to learn the underlying cause.
Woman’s  life is that where changes take place all the time.Every woman should know about it that a female body gets a change in every 7 years. Specially your 30s are a time when reality can truly bite them : it is that phase of time when your youth is officially over, and you are overburdened with a lot of responsibilities and you are mount between work, child rearing, older parents, and financial concerns.
Does estrogen infect muscle damage and repair? How does hormone replacement effect  performance? Is weight increased during menopause inexorable? Learn the answers to these and other questions related to women, exercise and hormones.
1. What hormonal changes are discovered in boys and girls at puberty?
At puberty, girls evolve more adipose tissue, owing to their estrogen levels, and boys grow more muscle mass, owing to their testosterone levels.
2. What is the female athlete triad?
The three parts of the female athlete triad are the absence of a menstrual cycle, low bone mineral compactness and irregular eating. The triad comes in those females whose training levels exceed energy availability. Health issues consist of reproductive, skeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, renal, and central nervous system complexity. Psychological issues include depression, low self-esteem and anxiety disorders.
The first aim of curing someone suffering from the female athlete triad is improving energy availability by consuming foodstuffs  more or minimizing energy expenditure. Females suffering from irregular eating or disorder-eating habit should be assigned for nutritional counseling (native et al. 2007).
3. What is menopause?
Menopause is the extensive transformation in a woman’s body when menstruation finishes. A fundamental etiology is linked with menopause is the complex connection between estrogen metabolism and the independent nervous system.
The first symptom is changing asymmetry menstrual cycle. Lower fertility during the perimenopausal stage a woman’s life effects in significant drops in estrogen levels. The term vaginal atrophy term as tenderness of the vagina as a result of the dwindling and shrinking of the tissues, as well as lessened lubrication caused by lack of estrogen.
Hot flare—instantly feelings of heat in the higher part of the body—may begin in the face, neck, or chest and then smear upward or downward. The skin on the neck, face or chest may redden, and a woman usually begins to sweat. The rate of the heart may instantly increase and may become stronger or irregular than normal. Hot flashes generally happen during the 1st year after a woman's final period. Improper sleep problems are typically caused by insomnia, night sweats or anxiety.
The complications come while falling asleep and keeping asleep more as women go through menopause. The urinary issue tends to come more likely during this time. Moodiness often goes hand in hand with sleep problems. You may also cause some hair loss or thin during menopause.

4. Are women being at high risk for cardiovascular disease after menopause?
Yes, women from pre and post-menopausal are at a high risk, due to a lessen in the female sex hormones.

5. Is walking is powerful as vigorous exercise for the avoidance of cardiovascular events in women?
Manson equates walking and vigorous exercise, along with the hours spent sitting, as a prognosticator of the occurrence of coronary events and total cardiovascular actions among 73,743 postmenopausal women aged 50–79 who were with the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study. Results pointed out that walking and vigorous exercise were linked with substantially fewer cardiovascular actions among postmenopausal women, irrespective of race or tribal group, age and body mass. Long sitting predicts increased cardiovascular risk.
6. Does estrogen is the reason for the skeletal muscle damage, inflammation and repair?
Yes, estrogen may firmly lessen skeletal muscle damage and tenderness from exercise. Theoretical evidence advices estrogen may stimulate recovery and  to heal muscle as well. This research is preliminary, and more  study is needed to research mechanisms and further applications.
7. Does hormone substitute affect exercise performance?
Green et al. (2002) initiate an effect while doing high-intensity aerobic exercise. Systolic blood pressure at highest exercise in women taking hormones was lesser than in women not taking hormones at almost the same levels of oxygen consumption and cardiac output. More research is required in this area.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

An HIV-Blocking Gel for Women

Scientists have distended a "molecular condom", which they demand is a vaginal gel to help keep women from contracting HIV high and low sexual intercourse.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Unwanted hair on arms, legs and other parts of the body is the most common problem that almost every woman faces today. They love their body if it’s clean. They do not want any unwanted hair on their hands and legs. The causes of this unwanted hair can be many like hormonal imbalance, irregular menstrual cycle or some other medical condition of the body.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Women these days are not less than men. They are playing the equal role as men do. As a matter of fact, they are playing multiple roles in society. They are not only the home makers, house wives; working women also they give birth to babies to make family. They focus on each and every person of family but when it comes to take care of their own health, they just neglect it and do not get enough time for them.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stress was something unknown to mankind until some years back and now the condition sweeps off new individuals in its circle each day.  Blame the lifestyle these days or our attitude towards situations, entities like patience and immunity are stooping to a new low each day and the only things that are going up are stress, diseases, physical and mental issues. 

trendy-clothes-and-accessories-make-a-woman-sassy-and-graciousIn this competitive world, everybody wants to engrave their name ahead of their competitors. For doing this, our attire contributes a pivotal role as most of the time we are surmised by our outlook and appearance. So, it’s our foremost duty to become fashionable and groovy if we want to win the competition. Women have an inherent propensity towards different stylish clothes and accessories irrespective of the occasions. History also reveals that every woman wants to become a trendsetter among her generation. But with the invention of latest designs and concepts, the trends and fashions have changed a lot over the past few years. So, these days’ women are no more inclined to adorn their bodies with heavy and bulky clothes and accessories rather they are now preferring slim-fitted outfits.

WEIGHT LOSS EVERY WOMAN’S DREAMOBESITY..….A big menace these days. It’s spreading like an epidemic. Many safe methods to treat this situation are available. Being healthy and fit is the very essence of an enjoyable life. Body transformation programs help you to lose weight gradually with minimal side effects. Women in particular are very conscious of their weight.

There is a full range of cheap and expensive foundations, BB creams and tinted moisturisers in the market. Which one suits my skin is always a question. Many women are never quite right while choosing the perfect product for themselves and that is the only reason that they never felt confident about the product that they are using and how well it is going on with their skin.